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It is a time of great change for cannabis in Washington state and across the U.S. When we founded Solstice, in 2011, our goal was to establish a legitimate and consistent source of cannabis for medical marijuana patients. We believe strongly in the medicinal and wellness applications of cannabis, but we soon realized that if the industry continued to call duffel bags full of garage-grown cannabis “medicine,” the stereotype and image of cannabis would never change. In the spring of 2011, we helped author the “Collective Gardens” model that Washington state still recognizes for safe access today. In August 2011, we incorporated and began our journey as the first commercial cannabis production company in Washington state. From our inception, our goal has been to present the plant in the most beautiful way possible; to search, far and wide for the very best varieties; to cultivate cannabis in an environmentally responsible way; to test, breed, and develop varieties for specific applications; to be a positive participant in the communities in which we operate; and to provide a new message for cannabis. The culmination of our convictions is laid out in our Solstice brand tenets.

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