Artist Series - 2021


"sweeter than a swisher" - 2021
Proceeds to:
Malaya Movement

To celebrate change around the 6/20 Summer Solstice, we have partnered with local artists to offer two different art prints, celebrating Juneteenth and Pride.

Limited edition signed art prints, and standard edition poster prints are available for sale via our webstore. All proceeds will go to a charity chosen by the artist, along with direct donations from Solstice.

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The Celebration: Pride

Pride commemorates the Stonewall riots, which began June 28,1969, after police raided the Stonewall Inn. Pride has become a yearly global celebration of marginalized sexual and gender identities and an affirmation of the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. Though much progress has been made, the struggle against homophobic and transphobic social structures continues.

The Cause: Malaya Movement

Nikita Ares has chosen Malaya Movement Seattle Chapter as her cause to support. Malaya Movement Seattle is part of "a broad US-based movement of individuals, organizations and various formations united under the common objectives of defending human rights, democracy and sovereignty in the Philippines."

The Artist: Nikita Ares

Nikita Ares is a Seattle-based painter originally from Cagayande Oro, Philippines. She received her BFA from CornishCollege of the Arts in 2018. Her works consist primarily of drawing and painting that includes movement, energy, and consciousness.

“The symbiosis between movement and energy. An inseparable relationship that translates through my work, deeply rooted in my fascination with the vibrations and dynamics of people, objects, and nature. “

The Blend: Lemon Bubble + Strawberry Banana

To accompany her piece "sweeter than a swisher", Nikita Ares chose a blend of Lemon Bubble and Strawberry Banana cultivars, which come together to create a bright, sweet smoke to get the uplifting energies flowing. Goes perfectly with creating, dreaming, exploring, building, healing, and any other activity in need of some light and joy.